Music For Our Mother – Review

September 1, 1996

Music For Our Mother is a whole bunch of alterna-rock artists doing surf songs, surf related songs, earth conscious songs, and completely unrelated songs.

Lollapalooza 1996 – Review

August 1, 1996

Alterna-slacker-pop-rock-metalheads all gathered in Pownal, VT to give all their money away to major corporations in the guise of a music festival.

The Basketball Diaries – Review

May 1, 1995

It features Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and a bunch of other bands that today’s tattooed, pierced “youth culture” victims will lap up like good consumers.

S.F.W. – Review

November 1, 1994

A fine comp of grunge, punk, and assorted music for the angry. There’s Soundgarden, Hole, Radiohead, Cop Shoot Cop, and Suicidal Tendencies, to name a few.