Firebird – No. 3 – Review

December 1, 2004

Bill Steer of Carcass has a new drummer and bass player for this third swing at the ’70s rock cool cat. The perfect retro rock record, or too perfect?

Sepultura – Roorback – Review

February 16, 2004

Derrick is just any shouter, and his phrasings here are laughable, like he was given finished tracks and told to come up with something quick to strew on top.

Kreator – Live Kreation – Review

September 24, 2003

Live Kreation barrels through their entire 10-album arsenal (and then some) on this 22-show, 24-track, Sneap-snipped, first-ever live CD.

Freedom Call – Eternity – Review

January 10, 2003

Top-notch heavy metal with killer guitarwork, layered harmonies, with warbling vocals (Helloween/Gamma Ra, with just a touch of Queensÿchian melodrama).

Symphony X – The Odyssey – Review

January 3, 2003

Explodes band-like, Michael Romeo measuring his attacks, Russell Allen the consummate vocalist. I’ve not heard better production/tones on a science rock album.

Gun Barrel – Power-Dive – Review

February 22, 2002

Drunken romps thru blue collar booze cans, wandering widely within that pigpen to the odd poppy ballad, the odd boogie woogie, a li’l AC/DC, a li’l Wildhearts.

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