A Blackheart’s Tale – Todd Brendan Fahey – Fiction

April 19, 2002

I was patently unprepared for the metamorphosis that took place just after the Christmas season, when Jurgen called me from the Ogden city lockup and asked me to post the five-hundred-dollar bond because no one in his family would.

Dogshit Park – Part Two – Fiction

June 1, 2000

“She slit her wrists over the kitchen sink,” I said. I was shaking uncontrollably; it always happened when I talked about Marcus, which I hadn’t, to anyone, in a very long time. They found her the next morning. She’d deadbolted the door.

Dogshit Park – Fiction

April 1, 2000

The old man was propped up on the sofa, listening to Van Morrison, when I came in through the back door, to “Tir-Na-Nog,” the string section of which made the flesh on my arms prickle furiously.

AmeriMart – The Conclusion – Fiction

September 1, 1999

The woman seemed to approve, shrugging to her bodyguard before tucking the check into her purse – a signal which Pat took to be his chance to leave with facial impunity.

Down on the Farm – Part III – Fiction

January 1, 1999

“He’ll be the only one,” he said. Then he let out a laugh that sounded like coarse-grain sandpaper against a steel door. “You know how to swim, don’t you?”

Down On The Farm – Part 1 – Fiction

April 1, 1998

An editor from Salt Lake City magazine was on the line, wanting to send me to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for five days, everything paid and nothing due in return.

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