Dead To Me – Undertow – Music Stream

April 15, 2012

San Francisco’s Dead To Me display shades of the UK band Consumed on the hard-driving “Undertow.” That kind of burly, forceful punk is always OK in our book.

Sex Comics – Column

April 1, 1998

Some people prefer comics to just about anything, and this includes graphic sex. There are people who care and do it well, and others who don’t have the touch.

Anti-Matter Compilation – Review

February 1, 1997

Previously unreleased stuff from Quicksand, Supertouch, Farside, and Strife, as well as a live version of “Don’t Gotta Prove It” from CIV.

Undertow – Review

June 1, 1995

This rock/alternative band attempt tries its best to rise above the masses. Give them time. They have a good start already.