Anti-Matter Compilation – Review

Anti-Matter Compilation

(Another Planet)
by Tim Creter

This is a compilation of some of the bands featured in the influential (but short-lived) fanzine Anti-matter. Hardcore historians will tell you how publisher/editor/former Shelter guitarist/current Texas Is The Reason guitarist, Norm Arenas, helped document and introduce bands from the growing hardcore scene of the early ’90s through his ‘zine. The disc features previously unreleased stuff from Quicksand, Supertouch, Farside, and Strife, as well as a live version of “Don’t Gotta Prove It” from CIV. Also included are choice cuts from Norm by Gameface, Outspoken, 108, Threadbare, Garden Variety, Undertow, Chamberlain, Sense Field, Lifetime, and Mouthpiece. There is also a lot of writing by Norm on each of the bands and on the compilation itself, so this is really like having an audio companion to the ‘zine. The songs are great and the writing is great, what more can you ask for? If you are or were ever a fan of the scene, get this hardcore history and treasure it.