UK Subs – Occupied – Review

UK Subs

Occupied (Amsterdamned)
by Austin Nash

Here comes #15 from the snotty punk Brit boys UK Subs. All the fans out there who thought you’d never hear another good UK Subs album, tune in. Occupied (on letter “O” now) possesses a reserve of the punchy crunch rock that is the token of the current lineup, and doesn’t ignore the reggae tunes, chock full of social commentary and un-pc fun. Other amusing pieces are “Let’s Get Drunk,” “Nazi Cunts,” “God Bless Amerikkka,” and “Revolving Boys.” Occupied is worthy of the historically powerful punk performance of the band. UK Subs plan to crash America again in 97, so be on the look out for a rusty old diesel U-boat off the coast.