A Punk Tribute to Metallica – Review

June 4, 2001

These two tributes? They’re terrible. Really half-assed versions of songs that mattered. Everyone involved should be scolded and pelted with rotting fruit.

Capitol Radio – Review

April 1, 2000

This is radio the way it should be: For the people, by the people, with no commercial motives embedded. Oh, and of course, great fucking tunes.

UK Subs – Riot – Review

July 1, 1997

Did I mention that the UK Subs have released another album? The current Cleopatra yield, Riot, comes in hard and punk, and stays hard and punk.

UK Subs – Occupied – Review

February 1, 1997

Here comes #15 from the snotty punk Brit boys UK Subs. All the fans out there who thought you’d never hear another good UK Subs album, tune in.