Farside – The Monroe Doctrine – Review


The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation)
by Tim Den

It’s easy to see why Farside is one of the most loved Revelation bands. Not only can they play any style of music at any time, they mix up the categories well enough to produce solid songs in the process. While a song like “I Hope You’re Unhappy” could be a Top 10 single on your neighborhood soft rock station, “Better Than Crying” would fit in nicely on the next Fat Wreck Chords compilation. And while “I’m Not Shy, I Just Don’t Like You” would sound right-on alongside The Sheila Divine’s record, “My Man Harvey Milk” and “The Fashionable Rebellion” sound like the bastard children of melodicore bands ala Elliott and Quicksand. And that’s not all, there’s still the emo “Moral Straight Jacket,” the Didjits-ish “Teach Me How to Die,” the NYHC “Bled,” the Snapcase-esque instrumental “Liz Hurley,” and the bizzare chant mantra “The Lonesome Ballad of Bobo the Cranky.” For Christ’s sake, there’s even a grindcore song, “Save it for the Children”! And the best part is, all these songs are exceptionally good. It’s like having an eclectic mix tape, except it’s one band doing it all. The perfect case of split personalities reaping quality rewards. Big “two thumbs up” for the creative effort, daring experimentation, dazzling vocals (you try singing ten different ways and doing it well), and overall great songs. Oh, and extra points for the eerie/funny/Reservoir Dogs artwork.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)