Definition FX – Light Speed Collision – Review

Definition FX

Light Speed Collision (RCA)
by Scott Hefflon

“Round & round & round, it feels good.” You bet it does! With a driving, undeniable beat, chugging guitar, and keyboards skipping and tripping about, the energy flows and feels good. Layers of New Order synths are smooth as yards of flowing silk and the raw, quasi-metal guitar compliment each other well. The female singer, Fiona, has the pop sensibility of any soulless Top 40 chart-climber, but has squeals and gritty, throaty umph! that pour out her personality and make it so human. So deliciously human. The male singer, almost rapper, has the bassy “Attention, K-mart Shoppers” humor to counteract the crystal purity of Fiona’s vocals. They will definitely be an alternative radio favorite, given time. Their songs are fun, catchy and not at all fluffy. For those of you who have been wondering who would fill the slot as “the cutting edge” keeps getting more and more mainstream – Definition FX is your answer. And then some.