The Cinch – Review

The Cinch

by Karen Granaudo

The Cinch, formerly Livewire (and no, they were never a Mötley Crüe cover band!), is essentially a be-bop party band. At last, we can finally enjoy some good music without straining our ears to decipher ambiguous lyrics. Yes, you can dance the night away with a smile on your face (and a buzz in your system). And yes, it’s rather obvious that their strongest influence is that classic, and still kickin’, rock n’ roll legend, the Ramones. Watching The Cinch live will definitely brighten your spirits and let that sense of humor flow. Every show is a new experience, whether the band’s gussied up in their very best Sunday dresses, or in their “normal” wacky attire. Frontman, Jayce Longway, is a giddy persona and his playful hyper-activity rubs off onto the audience. Check them out at your local club, or for their three song demo send $4 check or money order to The Cinch: 26 Amesbury Road, Newton, NH 03858.