Fluid for a Cycle – Fiction

Fluid for a Cycle

by Frank Turner

We were fluid for a cycle-
Liquid, raining, weaving ice and life
Breathing cold, thin lonely air
Now the engine cools and ticks
And percussive leather-creak pattern is fear-
This world is resynthisized chaos
And the children want to be dust
Crashing waves of waking daytime failure
Focus on a tiny word – No
When the sentence has at last been served
Who wouldn’t long for the punishment they miss?
Clutching, needing, bludgeoned, blind and faithful
Grasping, greedy hands hate courage and freedom
Transient souls must spend themselves-
Change is constant, bright and filled with pain
Still, we run screaming under a golden lighted coral forest
Where every vision drowns in seas of possibility
Here, no death goes unmourned, no tomb uncelebrated
And all the live things dwell in night-time tree top bliss
Howling for pain and joy, dreaming of transcendence and
Climbing ever higher peaks, peircing darker depths
Daring to be known, to be fathomed and
Spilling over with a liquid need to become
We were fluid for a cycle-