Underground Station – Column

October 4, 2004

In an odd recycling, underground comix legend Spain has moved towards a new comic action hero that is totally reminiscent of his earlier comix hero, Trashman.

Underground Station – Column

February 3, 2004

Mr. Crumb goes into these restaurants, orders food, and while he waits or is between courses, he draws fellow patrons or random ideas onto his placemats. He collects them, sends them to a publisher, and they end up in these books.

Icon, Divas, and Hoes – Fiction

October 15, 2003

As a highly-compensated taker of the national pulse, I decided to let rip a page out of the New York Times playbook, it being an icon of news journalism, and retained the services of an unkempt, boorish, flatulent but capable and unpaid intern.

Adventures in the MP3.Community – Column

May 16, 2003

Artists from around the world put their music on mp3.com in hopes it will lead to their big break. Every month, I will scour mp3.com for the most unique and entertaining acts. The good, the bad, and the really, really, really bad will be taken in and reviewed.

Selections From Jon Bon Jovi’s Journals – Fiction

April 18, 2003

Jon Bon Jovi filled dozens of notebooks, journals, diaries and cocktail napkins with song lyrics and his thoughts on music, fame, hair spray, and money. The following selections from the journals of Jon Bon Jovi.

Underground Station – Column

April 18, 2003

Ever since Robert Crumb and Justin Green, there’s been a glut of young artists sure that we want to read their personal anecdotes of growth. Summer Blonde captures issues #5 through #8 of Adrian Tomine’s personal comic, Optic Nerve, and looks to be a blockbuster.

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