Chevy Heston – Review

Chevy Heston

by unknown

Not since The Crying Game has there been such secrecy. The release date has yet to be announced. The pre-release has, surprise surprise, still not been received. Any badgering to Cherrydisc publicists have been countered with “Gosh, I’ve got another call. Can I get right back to you?” Their live dates remind one of “The Gorillas, oops Guerrillas of Soul,” the Commitments. They don’t announce shows – they strike and then fade into the night. The following “review” is from a memo hastily photocopied while no one was looking. Ah, the lengths one must go to (or the depths to which one must sink) to bring you, our beloved readers, this cherished information.

Live Line Up:
Chevy Heston – vocals and guitar
Chic Curtis – drums
Ronnie Curtis – Guitar and vocals
Girn Blanston – bass.

History: Ronnie and Chic met Chevy nine years ago when their father (Richard Curtis – a small time politician) married Chevy’s mother and relocated to Manomet, MA from Talahassee, FL to be with his new wife. Chevy and Chic started writing lyrics and prose soon after they became step brothers. Ronnie began playing with his brothers after his dishonorable discharge from the Air Force in 1990. Chevy met Vance through mutual friends when Vance was an aspiring vocalist on the South Shore. Vance switched to guitar following an accident involving a monkey and battery acid that left his face scarred and mildly deformed (which he hides with the masks that he wears on stage).

In 1993, Chevy, Chic, Ronnie, Vance and their four girlfriends went on a cross country Mission for Global Unity. What this entailed they really won’t say. While stopping for gas in Killeen, TX, the station attendant started flirting with their girlfriends. It became so outrageous that Chevy and company started beating the attendant, Girn, senseless. When Girn “took it like a man” and didn’t cry they invited him to come along because he fit in with the mission. They taught him to play bass and the line-up was complete.

Meanwhile, Chevy and Chic had been writing and recording the whole time and boasted an impressive demo collection. John Horton (fearless Cherrydisc leader) met these men last fall when he found a lost cat with address tags. The cat had wandered a considerable distance so John decided to gather some good karma for once and return the cat to its owners. When he arrived at the house, Chevy and Chic were listening to their newest demo. They invited him in to meet all their other cats. Once he got over how many cats there were, he noticed the music. He loved it and offered them a deal that afternoon.