Thought Junkie – Review

Thought Junkie

by Scott Hefflon

After getting my drunk ass to the Rat too late to see their show, I’m left with scribbled notes on a bar napkin from an “interview” and a solid, five song CD to write a review from. The songs (“Birth,” “Circles,” “Pride Dandelion Child,” and “World”) are catchy, plodding, heavy metal-gone grunge with slick layers of harmony tracks, chugging guitars, and Twisted Rootsy howling vocals. There’s a lot of potential headbanging and intricate time changes going on and a good understanding of hooks and memorable melodies. They’re newcomers to the Boston club circuit, but with a kick ass, professional-sounding CD beneath their belt, they should definitely find their niche. They’re young, hungry, and despite the fact that they “special thank” Derringer’s (that’s a faux pas like thanking Riki Rachtman for his “unwavering support” and being such a swell cat) they’re a band to keep a close eye on.