Turbulent Daughters – at The Rat – Review

Turbulent Daughters

at The Rat
by Scott Hefflon

Barroom rock n’ roll comes back to Boston! Without a ballad in sight, these bad boys reformed their original line up and wrote a new set list of ballsy rock n’ roll. There are no air brushed, scarf-wrapped, neon-lit promos dripping with pouty lips and hairspray; there are only ripped jeans, cut-off sweats, well-worn stomp boots and ATTITUDE. With all the “Hey, thanks for coming out” shit aside, you’ll have to wait to shake hands ’cause they’ve got a beer in one hand and are waving impatiently with the other for refills. As seen in Boston’s Best Rock Dive, The Rat, Turbulent Daughters return as the rock n’ roll party band.

“Accessories not needed” wouldn’t be a bad label to stick on their up-coming release. There are no frills or trinketry necessary for T.D. to get their point across. They laid down a chunky bass line, a solid rhythm, and just jammed on it. They’ve gotten way heavier and grittier in the last year or so and now they crunch on this powergroove like Aerosmith or Hanoi Rocks on a mean J.D. binge. Call it gutter groove, if you will. The throaty lyrics seem to be about “beer & stiffies” but it’s kinda hard to tell and who the hell really cares as long as they rock?!

The lead guitarist screamed out some spastic riffs and solos to the frantic tunes and some soulful, melodic leads during the occasional mellow, lighter-in -the-air transitions. To give a mental image, the crowd ranged from babes with exposed, tasty bellies (probably pierced, as per the current fad) slithering, swirling and twirling as the beer-swilling leather/denim male populace looked on in admiration, to the pit-stylings of solo moshers stomping and flailing to the pounding Ramones/Helmet gone grunge rock beat. With long, sweaty hair thrown about, mumbled between-song banter, and enough beer-drenched, fun-loving barroom rock ‘n’ roll energy to flood the joint and make the floor even stickier than it was – let it just be said that the Turbulent Daughters are back!