Means To An End – Review

Means To An End

by Paul Lee

So I’m standing there, looking at this mountain of CDs that are supposed to be reviewed. I just want to find a CD I like. I don’t want a social or political statement. I don’t want to subscribe to someone else’s large-budgeted cult of personality – I want a band. I find a non-pretentious CD that has simple, effective graphics without being artistically minimalistic. Never heard of the band, but when I pop it in, it represents that missing something the big name, heavy-hyped releases just can’t buy into – integrity.

The CD is the debut of Means to an End (Futurist). From Missouri, and later the budding scene of Lawrence, Kansas, this band concentrates on the songwriting craft and musicianship elements of bandship. While I’m not going to package them as Mid-Western All-American-Boys in a band, their self-titled debut is packed with groovable post-grunge rock. The vocals are passionate and rich, the guitars are pleasantly noisy pop, and the strolling bass and intricate drumming provide a sound foundation. Not punk rock fast or sludgy slow, the tunes are expressive and memorable with no gimmicky accessories. Honest music is a rarity, and that’s exactly what Means to an End plays.