McRackins – What Came First? – Review


What Came First? (Shredder)
by Chi Kan Liddle

From the label that brought us the debuts of Jawbreaker and Parasites comes the debut of McRackins. While this Canadian trio has only been touring since ’94 (and always in their chicken and egg costumes), their 15-song CD is a solid collection of punk ditties worthy of veterans. The opening cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Bittergreen” just plain rocks. From there they pump out fresh originals about hockey (Canadians into hockey? What a surprise.), loud music, getting robbed, jerking off, sucky relationships (or did I just mention that?), guns, gals and the question of the ages – which came first?

More along the line of old Gen X and humorous D.I., if you know what I’m not saying. Pain and potato chips with punk rock rhythms. They’ve got the “whoa-whoas” to keep it giddy and the slamming drums to get your limbs flailing. Every song could be a college radio hit, but the dial-a-long “1-900-5437” seems to be the video pick. I’d have chosen the philosophic title track, or perhaps… aw hell, any of the songs would make rockin’ singles. Don’t miss this one or you’ll have an egg on your face. (Couldn’t resist.)