Mortal Micronotz Tribute – Review

The Mortal Micronotz Tribute

(Iconoclastic Pop)
by Lex Marburger

A Kansas punk band, Mortal Micronotz, became something of a legend (to somebody). In honor of them, bands from the same town (Lawrence, KS) have gotten together to play their faves. From folk to punk, this CD covers the gamut. I wanted this is because William Burroughs does a tune with the Eudoras, and plays vibes while reciting the lyrics he wrote for the Micronotz when they were still in high school. Joining him on this CD are bands such as Kill Creek, Stick, Truck Stop Love, Slack Jaw, Beef Eaters, and more. I was impressed with the individuality of the bands and the consistency of good tunes. Each band has a definite personality, but instead of a random smorgasbord, the Micronotz’ tunes are the duct tape that hold the album together. I’m curious as to what the Micronotz sound like on their own.