Anal Cunt – with Forbidden at Babyhead – Review

Anal Cunt

with Forbidden at Babyhead
by Michelle Oaks

Jived by Malevolent Creation once again. They canceled due to a broken down bus. This is the second time they cancelled on Club Babyhead. Though I was bummed, it did not bring a tear to my eye.

Very rarely am I impressed with a death metal band. How bad can you be with a name like Anal Cunt? (Usually referred to as A.C. now.) What started out as a cruel joke actually turned out to be a cheese-grinning great show. You can’t understand a word, but who cares? They might have a few screws loose, but the right ones were tight enough.

The crowd for Forbidden wasn’t bad for a Tuesday night, but it could’ve been better. The people Forbidden drew was a mixture of old and new. Their set was upfront yet unmemorable, then again they really threw themselves on us. Their song, “Rape,” made the crowd actually move, and yes, so did I. Then some over-aggressive fan pummeled me and I was left wearing my drink. By the time I collected myself, the show was over.