Godheadsilo – Elephantitus of the Night – Review


Elephantitus of the Night (Kill Rock Stars)
by Joshua Brown

In a fashion worthy of the record label they’re representing, Godheadsilo make more than enough dismal noise on Elephantitus of the Night (Kill Rock Stars) to kill scores of rock stars in one fell swoop. And they accomplish this with only two members, who scream into the mic as they bludgeon their respective instruments of electric bass and drums (no six-string guitar). The recording is lo-fi (how long will it be until that word is beaten into the ground?) as all hell and Godheadsilo play with a plodding, focused aggression that is similar to the Melvins, though not nearly as coherent. This is the type of music that predatory animals would play if they could learn to express their feelings through rock. Elephantitus of the Night is comprised of half unreleased and half previously released material. They also have a new LP out on Kill Rock Stars, The Scientific Supercake, and though I haven’t heard it yet, I assume it’s along the same lines as this one.