Slughog – with Slower at the Middle East Cafe – Review


with Slower at the Middle East Cafe
by Rich Rodichok

It’s Tuesday night, following this Saturday night show, and my head has finally stopped pounding long enough to allow my brain to make sense of words on a page. The back-to-back, double bass assaults of Slower and openers, Slughog, proved to be a bit more than the tiny upstairs room (not to mention this reviewer) could handle. Maybe I’m just getting old. Or maybe I should remember to wear earplugs when I’m leaning over the monitors, shooting hardcore acts.

The new band, Slower, as most of you know, is actually the old band, Stompbox, sans lead screamer Erich Thayer. Bass player, Pat, has moved to the front; his space being filled by ex-Heretix bassist, Mike Welsh. As you can imagine, this “new” line-up produces an immensely heavy, thunderous sound. However, I’d like to hear more guitar and vocals in the mix. Guitarist, Jeff, was rippin’ his axe a new asshole, but I couldn’t hear it. I’d like to see Slower in a bigger room with a better mix at an all-ages show where the kids will really get off on the music. I’ll be sure to stand in the back for that one.