Roadsaw – $1,000,000 – Review


$1,000,000 (Curve of the Earth)
by Paul Lee

Didja expect porno-laced death metal from a band includes ex-madmen of Sekka/Strip Mind and Slaughter Shack? Perish the damn thought! Roadsaw roars down a different road. Don’t worry, they’re not taking any wacko turns. In fact, Roadsaw head for a more basic rock ‘n crunch approach with their first full-length release $1,000,000 (Curve of the Earth).

Call it metal, call it hard rock, call it whatever the hell ya wanna, but at its core, Roadsaw’s sound is like granite. They ain’t even afraid to throw in melody and cool hooks within the grooves of $1,000,000. Take an audio gander at songs like “Fell Off The Earth” or the anthemic “Starcock.” Heavy yet hummable. “Non-Phenomenal” has an almost Skynyrd slow thrum to it. It’s certainly is good to know that we here in Boston can call bands like Roadsaw our own. Yeah, they’re hard and often heavy, but the boys can almost croon and inject some soothing vibes into their wares. Check out the bottom groove action! Thought my rib cage was going to be shaken all to pieces.

If you dig your grooves and moves big, take a ride with Roadsaw. I can only imagine how loud these fellas would be live; hopefully earth-shattering volumes. If $1,000,000 is any indication of their volatility, beware the mighty Saw!!