Snapcase – with Doughnuts, Hatebreed at Babyhead – Review


with Doughnuts, Hatebreed at Babyhead
by Beren

Snapcase are an awesome band. I was ready to get down and dance, and Snapcase did not disappoint. From the first note, the crowd went fuckin’ nuts. Playing songs from their album Lookinglasself and new ones from their eagerly-anticipated EP, Steps (Victory), Snapcase were as tight as ever, bobbing up and down, left and right, playing off the crowd’s intensity and bringing the house down. A couple of highlights were “Drain,” “Conceived,” and my personal favorite, “Deceived.” I definitely recommend you buy Lookinglasself and blast “Deceived” in your car. It’s definitely an intense song, a song that I enjoy when I am pissed while delivering pizza for Papa Gino’s. I must’ve listened to my advance of Steps at least 50 times before the definitive experience of seeing them live. A highlight of the show was when a drunken asshole wearing a Guns ‘N Roses shirt caused a commotion, got beat down by at least 20 people and then thrown out of the club. The guy was making fun of the pit, and if you saw him, you’d beat the shit out of him too.

The band before Snapcase, Doughnuts, were great. They are an all girl hardcore/metal band from Sweden and they definitely got the crowd moving. They are, besides L7, the best girl band I’ve seen. They have an album coming out on Victory late this summer.

The openers, Hatebreed, from Connecticut played straight up hardcore and brought a lot of their friends who went sick and showed what hardcore is like in Connecticut. Total insanity.