Stephanie Sayers – at T.T. the Bear’s – Review

Stephanie Sayers

at T.T. the Bear’s
by Fritz Kafka

Thursday night, the second of four bands and nobody shows up until the last two songs of the set. I guess that’s what’s referred to as “paying your dues” in the music biz. I don’t envy musicians in this position. (I don’t have to, I am one.) Nevertheless, Stephanie Sayers and company put on a credible musical show despite the poor attendance and their own apparent boredom. The band’s line-up was a little unique. Instead of the usual guitar/bass/drums/keys set-up that most performing acts employ, Stephanie Sayers does her thing with a pedal steel guitar player, a cellist, and no bass. At first, this lack of low end tones struck my ear as a little weird, but after a couple of songs my aural senses adjusted and I have to say I enjoyed the rest of their somewhat mellow set.