Boston Hardcore 89-91 – Review

Boston Hardcore 89-91

by Joshua Brown

This compilation is basically Curtis of Taang! Records’ goodbye to Boston – his label has moved to the land of Babewatch and Falling Down. Boston Hardcore 89-91 has the same quality and feel of the late ’80s NYC compilations, The Way It Is, and Where the Wild Things Are.

To start things off, Wrecking Crew tear through two tracks, “Confusion” and a cover of Battalion of Saints’ “My Mind’s Diseased,” sounding like Agnostic Front on Liberty & Just For… Next, Crossface tell a naïve tale of good versus evil called “Welcome The Destroyer,” incorporating elements of American Oi! and mid-’80s underground power metal. Said & Done play a paint-by-numbers mosh tune. Backbone bring to mind early Warzone, before they went metal. It’s been said that Sam Black Church have a raging live set, but suck in the the studio. “Disjustice” disproves the naysayers with the manic heaviness of their stage show. Maelstrom churn out a real stomper of a song that combines str8edge vocals, metal licks, and grindcore abrasion. Eye For An Eye prove with sheer power why their short-lived existence has afforded them legendary status in the hardcore community. Intent to Injure came in with a speedy slamfest in the Negative Approach style. I’ve always found S.T.P. to be generic and kind of tedious. Suckerpunch use the Sheer Terror/Cookie Monster vocals to a me vs. you tale called “Against the World.” Only Living Witness are well-known locally for their in-yer-face stompcore, but really deserve more national recognition.