Christian Death – Amen – Review

Christian Death

Amen (Century Media)
by Angela Dauthi

Let me say this first: Christian Death just isn’t the same without Rozz Williams or Gitane Demone. With that out of the way, Amen (Century Media) isn’t all bad. A double live CD with extremely good recording quality and a nice picture of an Aztec sacrifice on the cover. The music? Well, let me say again, that it’s not what it used to be. According to their PR kit, that’s what they want. So why not change their name? It’s dark, evil (?) rock, and it still has a hint of the brooding sexuality that Rozz added. But Amen is much more rock oriented, like a Sisters of Mercy without the rumbling baritone and still more rock. Oh well. At least Rozz and Gitane are still doing things.