Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways – Review

Porcupine Tree

The Sky Moves Sideways (C&S)
by Valerie Smith

Picture a lush green northern forest grand in its immensity. Your eyes focus in on a single tree. Ever so slowly you float straight up into the air. Higher and higher, feet away from this monstrous living creature. Topping the crest, the full moon lights up the sky. A glowing nightlight for the creatures of the night to hunt. The owls are not what they seem. You begin to soar over the trees, faster… faster! Reaching for the moon, the wind tearing at your body.

A road twists like a snake below you. You follow. The motorcycle appears over the hill. A dark man in leather relaxing in his world. You perch upon an old gnarled limb, watching. Youth and inexperience appear in a plaid skirt and loafers. She saunters his way with a smile and swings a leg up behind him. Blood red fingernails dig into black leather as they chase the wind and “The Stars Die.” He turns the headlight off as they hug each curve like Marilyn Monroe. Adrenaline pumping, he takes a chance. “Counts the stars inside the sky and flies in to the never.” The path leads them towards the heart of the forest where smoke trails from the chimney of an old log cabin. Neon beer signs welcome the sound of electric throbbing from inside. They dance. You land upon the warmth of the cycle, the smell of warmed oil conjures visions of pancakes with syrup on a Sunday morning. You want to dance but launch yourself into the sky instead. Floating in clouds, a moist caress as your body glides without sound.

The sun silently scratches her way through the twisted branches of night. The earth inhales. Your pilgrimage has expired. You must go back. You turn to see the silver trail flowing behind you. Reluctantly, you begin to reel it in. The essence of your soul follows back to your life in the woods. The law states you must return or give up the shell you command forever. But for forever?