Sea Monster – Death Taxes and Sea Monster – Review

Sea Monster

Death Taxes and Sea Monster (Winged Disc)
by J. Lianna Ness

If you thought Amy Fisher was the only thing Long Island was notorious for, you’re wrong. Sea Monster have been entertaining jaded New Yorkers since 1986 with their unique and uncompromising brand of blue collar, B-movie punk, with songs about politics, work, sex, motorcycles, movies and the military, all performed with scathingly sarcastic panache. “Steve Reevis” [sic] opens with a psychedelic wah-wah guitar intro and pays tribute to deceased B-movie muscle man (“When Steve Reeves sweats/He never takes a shower/Steve Reeves’ strong, he’ll lift the Eiffel Tower/Steve Reeves’ brave, he’ll carry on forever/And Steve Reeves’ tool, man, it’s a talisman of power!”). “The Beast” (a re-recorded version that originally appeared on their previous release, Enduro Bizarro Entacto) is a song about vocalist Arthur Stevenson’s genitalia (“With lewd exception she started to feast/We roared with laughter as she sucked off the beast/A one-eyed serpent, determined but blind/A primitive beast with a one-track mind!”). “The World’s Smallest Violin” is a bitingly sardonic tune about people on poor-poor-pitiful-me trips. “Barbecue At Phil’s” is the ultimate party song, and Sea Monster are the ultimate party band. Play this disc at your next beer bash and let the good times roll!