Big Lick – Review

Big Lick

by Grant Thayer

Does Boston have room for another “ska” band? Well, if you earmark Big Lick as ska, then Boston should make room. Like many of the new bands out there labeled ska, Big Lick shouldn’t be described as traditional, two-tone, or even third wave. In fact, calling them ska limits their abilities and efforts, although there is a heavy ska influence in the mix. They describe themselves as “funked-up ska-core with a twist of jazz,” but that doesn’t account for the heavy sound or slightly punk ingredients. This is Big Lick’s first time on CD with seven listed cuts (plus a bonus a cappella track) clocking in at just under half an hour. Best song: “F’ n’ Blues” kicks ass, a straight-ahead ska song with a cool horn progression. Another cool song with more funked-up vocals and exciting tempo segues is “Dead Girlfriend” (some guys will appreciate it more than others). Get to know these guys ’cause you’ll be hearing a lot from them. (Big Lick, 30 Lake St., Norfolk, MA 02056)