Din_Fiv – Infinity – Review


Infinity (Metropolis)
by Angela Dauthi

The first thing that got me was the use of a piano on the first tune, “Time of Death.” All these electro-industrial sounds are swirling and thudding about, distorted vocals (of course), and then, rising to the surface is this untreated piano, playing a simple descending line. It was surprising and enjoyable. But let me back up. Din_Fiv is a side project of Informatik member Da5id Din. They usually stack sounds and sequences on top of each other, creating this huge noise wall to plow through. Infinity breaks it down a little, with a sparser sound, many times just bass and drums. Din_Fiv sounds almost like Læther Strip at times, leaving wide open spaces for little things to slip out, a keyboard line, a sample, a line like “it sure is nice to think we’ve never hurt anyone.” The rhythms avoid the constant thudding bass drum but are still accessible to the dance floor, a positive trend if there ever was one. Lyrically, Da5id (would that be pronounced “Dafiveid”?) doesn’t veer too far from the usual topics; mental and emotional pain, loneliness, etc. But “Piss Christ” is about fascistic government control, “Wasted on You” seems to be either against apathy or for suicide, and “Not Our Love” is a satirical look at sex and, well, sex. After about six tunes, you tire of the same general format. The simplicity that attracted you at first turns into a lack of subtlety, and you begin to crave the little bits of melody he throws in, just for a taste of something new. “Terminal Condition” is the elixir to this malady, thanks to the strange and unexpected samples used for the rhythm tracks. Sort of like a brief underwater explosion and an electric shock), and a “Halloween”-ish keyboard loop. Infinity will fit well next to your FLA and Spahn Ranch CDs.