Love in Reverse – I Was Here – Review

Love in Reverse

I Was Here (Reprise)
by Sheril Stanford

Hot on the heels of their earlier EP, I Was Dog, Love in Reverse continues their full-speed-ahead assault on your ears. Even though L in R was Dog before, and now was here, and can’t seem to settle on exactly what it was or where, we can tell you exactly what it is. It is dark, edgy, and atmospheric. Technology-driven, but too guitar-oriented to be techno. Too techno to be Goth. Too earthy to be truly retro art rock. Not clear yet? Then you’ve got the idea. The band says movies and the isolation of small town NJ life have been major inspirations. If Psycho were remade and set in Mayberry, this is what you’d get. Or maybe if David Lynch made music instead of film, he’d make I Was Here. Obsession, contradiction, control: Love in Reverse is thy name.