Science Geek – #3 – Review

Science Geek

#3 $3 (PO Box 8641, Trenton, NJ 08650)
by Clarendon Lavorich

Straight from Kenya (via NJ) comes Science Geek, the ‘zine for people who dig the educational circuit. Looky what we got here. Very cool stories about being in the Peace Corps in Africa, culture shock lists, the physics of Land of the Lost, interviews with The Wedding Present and The Cannanes, not to mention music and ‘zine reviews, including Lollipop (“[like] getting an ice pop stuck to my tongue and then having to throw up a little bit to free it”??? I hope they meant that in the best possible way. But hey! I didn’t notice any of those funky lower case “i’s” this time). And for all you intellectual types, there’s experiments with milk and coffee, an explanation of exactly what fire is, the spin of water on either side of the equator, an article on evaporation (there’s more to it than you think), cool demonstrations (explosions, slime, and other acts of creative destruction), and the ubiquitous “Things I Don’t Know,” where it’s time to play Stump The Teacher. (By the way, Doug: my Dad’s a physicist working with non-linear optics right now. He could probably explain lasers pretty thoroughly.) But look what else you get. Comics, freak lists, love letters, telegrams, mispronounced words… Definitely a ‘zine for the perpetually curious.