Escape From L.A. – Review

Escape From L.A.

by Scott Hefflon

Seven songs from John Carpenter’s sequel to the futuristic adventure flick Escape From New York and seven more songs that fit the mood, filled space, or were included to increase the sales of the CD. New material from White Zombie, Ministry, Toadies, Deftones, Stabbing Westward, and Butthole Surfers. Previously released material from Tool, Sexpod, CIV, Clutch, Orange 9mm, Gravity Kills, Sugar Ray, and Tori Amos. That’s right, Tori Amos. Perhaps the song meshes with some crucial element in what I’m sure must be an intricate plot – I wouldn’t know. I’ll wait ’til Escape From LA comes out on video ’cause the store across the street has $1 rentals every Tuesday and Thursday.