Chin Strap – Strapped for Time – Review

Chin Strap

Strapped for Time (Scorpio Moon)
by Sheril Stanford

Like your music party-band style? Good old fashioned rock n’ roll (complete with Van Halen style leads and guitar picks scratched down the neck) combined with high speed punk-influenced rants? Into sophomoric humor? Do the words “loose booty, loose butt” amuse you? Of the Beavis and Butthead school of entertainment, perhaps? Nothing esoteric or recondite in your music collection? This, then, pal o’ mine, should be added to your list of favorites. With Strapped for Time, Chin Strap has amassed a collection of lighthearted, party-band, don’t take-life-too-seriously tunes for your sonic scrutiny. Vocals take center stage, just like you’d expect from this “style” of music, backed by classic guitar chord progressions and familiar bass rhythms, with an occasional surprise visit from a recorder or a carnival music riff. An ode to comic book hero Spiderman is a good example of lyrical style (“Spiderman, hey! Spiderman, hey! Spiderman, hey!”). No hidden meanings, no complex ideas to make you shake your head, Strapped for Time is simply, well, simple.