Dm Bob and the Deficits – Bad With Wimen – Review

Dm Bob and the Deficits

Bad With Wimen (Crypt)
by Steve Tremain

Sure as shootin’, as reliable as that I get cold when I skinny-dip in January, a Crypt record will put a smile on your face and set your toes a-tappin’. This month, a sleaze-country band with gutter production and what sounds like several gallons of moonshine. In their repertoire are such tunes as “Blind Man With A Pistol” and T.Rex’s “Jeepster.” As always, the thrill is in the very act of playing, not in the little details like “tuning” or “technique.” I think I’ll always have a special place in my heart for roots-rock/country with a careless attitude whose only purpose is to have a good time.