Stone Fox – Review

Stone Fox

(Rock Star)
by Steve Tremain

The cover has a Funkadelic Ultra-Sex cartoon feel, the 4 women in the band are sexy (couldn’t get a good look at the guy drummer, but that’s not my thing, anyway), and they have songs like “Two Solid Weeks of Menstruation” and “Coke Whore.” What else do you need? How about that they’ve been signed to Linda Perry’s (4 Non Blondes) label? How about that they rock hard? How about that they don’t take any shit? How about that they rock hard (I read somewhere that repetition is good for getting your point across)? They sound very much like, well, an intense girl rock band. And, yes, there’s a smattering of the Quartet of Pro-Brunettes. I like it. It makes me happy. Now, could someone get me a date with the singer so she could slug me and tell me what a pig I am?