Humble Gods – No Heroes – Review

Humble Gods

No Heroes (Hollywood)
by Scott Hefflon

From the if-they-bought-it-once-they’ll-buy-it-again way of thinking, Humble Gods are a success. Combining ex-members of Descendents, Pennywise, Doggy Style, and Dag Nasty with a massively (over)-produced ’90s punk sound, Humble Gods can’t go wrong. Even with a cookie-cutter sound, at least it’s a tasty cookie. Sure it’s a Rancid recipe, but they haven’t come out with an album in a while. It’s also interesting to hear the major-label versions of five songs off HG’s self-titled debut, not to mention the added bonus of the Gods’ penchant for milking the media with every gimmick known to God. No Heroes is sure to whoo the whooable, I just wish they hadn’t printed the lyrics. Anthemic punk rock battle cries echo about the packed arena, fists fly, bodies collide, smiling, sweaty faces contort as voices are raised in rebellion. Available in fine stores everywhere.