DFL – Grateful – Review


Grateful (Epitaph)
by Jon Sarre

“Unleash only true hardcore!” someone yells at the start of Grateful , DFL (Dead Fucking Last)’s new record. Then they do just that, unloading blistering little sonic vignettes at a breakneck pace, echoing “Pay to Cum,” “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and “Lexicon Devil” as they go. It’s “Old Fashioned Hardcore,” as they describe it, like Dischord, circa 1981 (especially Void) or the Gang Green and FUs tracks on This is Boston, Not LA (I’m talkin’ the reeeaaally short songs). If that’s not good enough, Grateful is really only one long track. That’s right, it’s like a punk rock opera – 17, count ’em, 17 mini-songs in 26 minutes. That means you lucky CD buyers gotta listen to the whole damn thing, which is exactly what you should do. Again and again.