Sick and Wrong – Hot Beef Injection – Review

Sick & Wrong

Hot Beef Injection (Vagrant)
by Chaz Thorndike

Dildo-wearing Mr. Wendy and Little Miss Farrah co-lead this 6-piece motley crew through such sing-alongables as “You Make Me Dirty,” “Sweet Piece o’ Meat,” “Hung Like A Horse,” and “Slap Yer Meat.” You get the gist, two women – one gruff-voiced and one kinda sweet – singing less-is-more rock about panties, dickin’ the cat, bangin’ yer baby on the kitchen floor, and other un-PC good stuff. With cover art by Hate comic’s Peter Bagge and garage production by Erik 4-A,Hot Beef Injection makes a fine first full-length for a band whose 7″ singles and comp. tracks alone have built a sizable buzz. Somewhere between the sexy squeal of Hot Damn! and the half guy/half gal foursome Butt Trumpet (RIP, if the rumors are true) lies this band of gross decadence and rock’n’roll good times. Furthering her career as dildo queen in the Jim Rose Circus, Mr. Wendy has found her calling. Part punk rock, part rockabilly, part southern rock twang, and the rest is just sloppy sex wherever the mood hits, if ya know what I mean. Live shows are reported to have fake fellatio, nudity, big daddy dildos, outrageous costumes, line dancing, and setting lots of things on fire (sometimes on purpose). And to think I’ve been rolling my pennies for the next Jimmy Buffett show! Thanks, Sick & Wrong, for screwing my head back on, and leaving it just a bit loose.