Silver Jet – Pull Me Up… Drag Me Down – Review

Silver Jet

Pull Me Up… Drag Me Down (Virgin)
by Scott Hefflon

Inspired by both Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, Silver Jet saunters comfortably between peppy power pop and minimalist, infectious rock. The poppier songs bop with dippy energy and melodies to hum, but beware the playfully biting lyrics left strewn dangerously throughout the songs like rakes hidden in the grass. The surprisingly dry production leaves room for the pop! of the snare and the crisp guitar voice to sing, rather than merely providing a wall of sound. The Beatlesque layering doesn’t become over-sweet syrup, it shows off distinctive vocals and Silver Jet’s knack for writing a good song. While I hate quoting bios, their imagery sums it up best: Silver Jet is like a breakfast cereal – crunchy, sweet, yet with all the right nutritional requirements.