The Criminals – Never Been Caught – Review

The Criminals

Never Been Caught (Lookout)
by Austin Nash

I’m trying to imagine the script, scene, and actors perpetrating this harsh play. I envision, after a bit of thought, three guys sitting in a never-been-scrubbed kitchen in bumfuck Delton, MI, cursing each other on edge as they wait for a fourth who has been gone getting the gram of crystal meth for two hours too long. This is a violent scene and nobody cares about the jobs they don’t have, the girlfriends they don’t have, or the friends they do. It’s all 40 ouncers of Mickey’s, practice in the basement, night is day is night is day is…

Unfortunately, the crimes committed are more in the locale of a car chase originating because of the pieces of the car that fell off in traffic, vandalism in cemeteries, noise violations in basement venues, and other such nonsense. No Dillinger here. I guess we can’t all hope to have class and be too bad to be real also. On the upside, the tunes on Never Been Caught, though void of any pleasantry, are jammed full of conviction. The violence is real, tight, and smoking like a gun against a setting sun. The vocals are venom flavored and heavy on the East Bay side of San Fran. Though the songs are individually misdemeanors, the album as a whole is definitely a felony, and besides, Dillinger would never have had the balls to rock this hard.