Gigolo Aunts – Learn to Play Guitar – Review

Gigolo Aunts

Learn to Play Guitar (Wicked Disc)
by Katy Shea

The first track off the Boston-based Gigolo Aunts‘ six-song EP, Learn to Play Guitar, “She’s a Kinda Girl,” is a catchy pop tune, heavily reminiscent/derivative of British and American pop of the ’60s and ’70s (think Beatles, Monkees, Byrds, Moody Blues) with a little more ’90s energy, but not enough. Harmless, upbeat, repetitive and guitar driven, it is catchy, but not terribly memorable or unique. Unfortunately, this tune is the best of the six tracks and it establishes the level of general mediocrity that the rest of the album maintains and never seems able to rise above.

The EP is a combined effort between the Gigolo Aunts and Wicked Disc, a division of Newbury Comics, Inc. The jangly Boston sound peeks out here and there, but my overall impression is that although it is an easy listen, displaying nothing overly annoying or offensive, I am overcome with the feeling that I’ve heard all this before except maybe then it was done just a little bit better.