Prunella Scales – Dressing Up the Idiot – Review

Prunella Scales

Dressing Up the Idiot (Mutiny)
by Sheril Stanford

The more the better. You can never get too much of a good thing, right? For instance, you can never get too much good sex (except when those annoying little friction rashes set in, but still…). And Prunella Scales is really “a good thing” (AND no rash). They’re onto a “sound.” Dressing Up the Idiot is chock full o’ tunes that are both catchy and melodic but thanks to tenacious, aggressive use of the rhythm section, they take on that heavy, slightly unpleasant feel we all need to legitimize our catchy pop song addictions. The point here is, when this baby first slides into that slot, the consensus is, Prunella Scales is a tower of power! DRESSING UP THE IDIOT ROCKS! No holds barred. But then, boredom sets in. Maybe it’s a track order thing, and this criticism is way too harsh, because by track eight, the pay-attention-factor is back up. So, a little variety, a little ointment, everything’ll be jes fine.