Grave – Extremely Rotten Live – Review


Extremely Rotten Live (Century Media)
by Chaz Thorndike

Almost 60 minutes of the roaring death metal Grave is notorious for. Extremely Rotten Live uncovers ground from all their studio albums, includes a demo track, and, basically, is the first live album Grave has ever done. Recorded live in California in ’96, this is a brutal testament to a gut-ripping band, but it ain’t shit compared to the demonic power of Soulless and the fury of Hating Life. Whoever the singer fella is (cardboard wallet doesn’t say and CM is notorious for unhelpful bios/press kits) yells all of about three notes with the same tone, which obviously doesn’t lead to much vocal dynamic. But the musicianship is tight, ferocious, and well-produced. Boy, do I miss ex-vocalist Jorgen (now in Entombed).
(2323 W. El Segundo Blvd Hawthorne, CA 90250)