Luckie Strike – Geekcore – Review

Luckie Strike

Geekcore (Pork ‘n’ Beans)
by Scott Hefflon

As No Doubt and, to a lesser extent, the Dance Hall Crashers follow the Go-Gos and The Bangles up the commercial charts and away from their punky roots, I reminisce fondly of a kick ass San Francisco (I think) band called Tilt. They were smooth, passionate, punk as fuck, and broke up. Lucky Strike reminds me of Tilt. Punky and mouthy, loud and rockin’, yet crafty enough to make you snap your fingers to a little swing here and there. Sure, some of the rhythms are juvenile as teenage garage days, and some of Mel’s melodies are obviously intended to show she’s got a helluva voice, but for a no name band on a no name label to be listened to repeatedly, for pleasure no less, is quite a feat. And the hidden bonus track at the end of song 13 asking Alanis, “if you hate guys so much, then why do you suck dick?” – man, that just really needed to be done.