Savage Aural Hotbed – Pressure of Silence – Review

Savage Aural Hotbed

Pressure of Silence (Ultra Modern)
by Lex Marburger

Like Neubauten, like Crash Worship, like ¡Tchkung!, Savage Aural Hotbed loves drums. Lots of ’em. But unlike said bands, SAH are not political, nor (despite the name) even savage. Their drum textures aren’t bombastic, they’re precise and soothing. Some grunting goes on, but for the most part it’s just a bass, some drills, a grinder or two, and the drums. The production of their sounds may be violent (I don’t see how a buzzsaw could ever be gentle), but the resulting effects, mixed into SAH atmosphere, are buoyant and pleasant. And how can you go wrong with a song title like “Bong Hits at the Great Pyramid?”