Coldcut – Let Us Play/ More Bits and Pieces – Review


Let Us Play/ More Bits and Pieces (Ninja Tune)
by Malcolm E

The men who founded the label, Coldcut has spent much of its time gathering a roster of superb DJs (Food, Vaddim, Amon Tobin, et al) to play around England and the world. Now, they show us how it’s done. Working with everyone from drummer Bernard Purdie to Jello “My-Voice-Is-Like-Jabbing-A-Pencil-Into-Your-Ear” Biafra, Let Us Play is a steady mix of an album with mellow vibes, dance-ready rhythms, and synapse-tickling innovations. Included is the single, “More Beats and Pieces,” a new take on their ’80s classic, remixed by Tortoise, T Power, Kid Kola, DJ Food, and more. The single includes a CD-ROM video done by Hex, looking remarkably like Pour Know Grafix. Look ahead.