Diesel Boy – Venus Envy – Review

Diesel Boy

Venus Envy (Honest Don’s)
by Scott Hefflon

Opening with a punk rock shuffle called “Cock Rock,” the name of their last record, Diesel Boy pay homage to glam, metal, and all things hairspray and spandex. Produced by Ryan Greene, the Bob Rock of punk production, the songs blast out of your speakers like the purr of a monster truck. Tuned to roaring perfection, these goofy, self-effacing melodic punks run through a set tipping the hat to fellow Fat-sounding punk bands as well as ’80s sit-calms, Faster Pussycat, and Taco Bell. While not always revved up high, even their love/masturbation songs rock along at a finger-snappin’ clip. “Song for the Kids” oughtta be an anthem, filled with all the whoa-whoa sway things the kids seem to love so much, while asking them to buy more merchandise so the band can buy new amps. Ditto with the verses of “Endless Summer Days,” the fun-filled, carefree times we all reminisce about while stranded dead broke in cheap hotels in the middle of nowhere. And while I have no idea what “Dragonfly” is about aside from how much aging and realizing you never did amount to anything sucks, the song fuckin’ rocks. But my favorite is the two minute confession, “Cooler than You.” If you’re a sucker for all that low self-esteem mewling, check this puppy out. Closing this 14-song platter is a 15-minute add-on splicing mic checks (“Rock you like a Hurricane” and forgetting the chorus to “Girls, Girls, Girls”), 10 minutes of sex, and a little post-coitus bowl-smokin’ freeform.