Devilnyn – Anger – Review


Anger (Listenable)
by Paul Lee

Keeping the flame alive for purely brutal death metal, Devilyn tears out of Poland with a vicious debut. Anger is a disc that’s saturated with insanely fast riffs, abrupt time signature shifts, guttural vocals, and a rhythm section that pummels you into a bloody mass. These guys come from the same sort of brutal genre as Florida greats like Deicide and Morbid Angel without the Satanic or Sumerian themes. At the risk of having little in the way of subtlety, Devilyn have created an unabashedly nasty and skillful album. Despite the popularity of Swedish melodicism and Goth metal, they crank out old-school death in a fresh and potent way. As much as I love the melodic death scene, I still have a penchant for malevolent, solid death metal with great production like Devilyn. Long may the flame of death burn bright!