Supersuckers – La Cornuda – Review


La Cornuda (Sub Pop)
by Paul Lee

So you thought that loud ‘n hard rock had to be brutal. You believed that aggressive and fun bands like Motörhead were going the way of the rain forests. Well, get your sorry asses out to see Supersuckers and see that you are wrong (oh so wrong). These are four wackos with a mission: To perpetuate dumb and loud aggressive fun with a punk attitude (and boy, these dudes are punks).

Sub Pop sent me a copy of Supersuckers’ latest, La Cornuda, and after hearing it, I tossed my PC guidebook out the window and started rocking to “She’s my Bitch” and “Maximizing Your Kill Count.” I left my good taste facade behind and let my id tear loose. I saw Supersuckers at The Middle East and I was truly in dumb-fun utopia. With their cowboy hats, mirrored shades, and rock star poses, Supersuckers had the sweaty masses boppin’ and slammin’ away. Even the claustrophobia-inducing stage didn’t hinder these nuts. They tore loose and had as good a time as the freaks in the audience.

I really don’t remember when I’ve had as much mindless fun (aside from getting toasted on dangerous booze and parachuting in my birthday suit) as when I saw Supersuckers. These guys may be jokesters, but they do it well without resorting to too much goofiness. Think of them as a cross between Black Flag, The Blasters, and even some Mojo Nixon. Warning: They are not to be taken literally. And if you are offended, then you probably damn well deserve it!

Just think, now you too can boogie to the beat of “Creepy Jackalope Eye” and many more if you have the daring to let go and grab a copy of La Cornuda. Maybe you dig the dark and angry stuff too, but get a load of Supersuckers for a change of pace. Everybody needs a little audio obnoxiousness in their lives and these are just the guys to do it. If I didn’t get it into your craniums already, you will have a guaranteed good time if you love the taste of cheap beer and the fun of cheap thrills.